Terms and Conditions

Last updated November 2015.


Tuition fee is required to pay in advance for each monthly or quarterly subscription.

Absences, Cancellations and lesson re-arrangements.

For every cancellation, a make-up lesson will be re-arranged by the admin.

Mumtaz Institute is not liable to arrange makeup lesson (Re-arranged lessons) for "Student Absences". Hence, it is recommended to check your microphone and speaker settings before attending lesson, and also try to maintain your attendance. In case student cannot attend a lesson, he can cancel it 1 hour before its starting time. Please note that lesson will not be cancelled if admin is not informed in time. Hence, in cases of short-notice in which there are only 45-55 minutes left for the lesson to start, just send a message to your teacher mentioning that you will not be attending today, so that teacher should not wait for you in classroom.

Free Trial Lesson

We offer up to 2 free trial lessons to new students only. Second trial will be with a different teacher if in case a student is not happy with the first trial lesson.

Refund policy

If a student subscribe for a month, it will not be refunded even if it is cancelled by the student in the middle OR beginning of a subscription. Once a student subscribe, he will have access to the full course material. It will not be fair towards the company to refund the subscription amount after access to the full course library has been given.

Student will have the option to “Pause” a subscription and save its remaining hours for further study in case of holidays or for any other reason. He can then resume a subscription whenever he wants.

For quarterly OR annual subscriptions, if student cancels a course in the middle with pending lessons, refund will be made for the remaining lessons 30 days after receiving notice in writing from the student or dismissal.