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Tajweed-ul-Quran Level 1

Tajweed-ul-Quran Level 1

Tajweed level 1 course is for students who know how to read Al-Quran and would like to recite Quran with proper pronunciation and voice. Due to the nature of Arabic language (the language of the Quran), it is extremely important that its letters, words and sentences are pronounced as per its requirement. A slight change in sound can change the whole meaning in Arabic language. There are detailed rules of reciting the Quran properly with correct pronunciation, these rules are called as “Tajweed Rules”. Therefore, tajweed rules must be learned by every individual who is pursuing to improve his or her recitation.


Course Info

Recitation Style: Hafs

In this course, student will learn articulation points of Arabic letters, how to stop at the end of words, Noon sakinah and tanween rules, Meem sakinah, laam sakinah, Qalqalah etc. This course will not only help students to learn basic rules of tajweed, but will also train how to implement these rules during recitation. Teacher will focus on theory as well as practice (tilawah). Each rule will be explained with detail examples from the Quran.

The aim of this course is to build the foundation of tajweed among students, improve their makhaarij and to make them understand the different concepts, methods and rules of beginner’s level tajweed for improved recitation style. 
Successful completion of this course will make the student realize the importance of the tajweed rules, fix their pronunciation and improve their reading skills.

Course Overview

  1. Unit 1 - Introduction to Tajweed
  2. Unit 2: Makhaarij (points of articulation)
  3. Unit 3 - Noon and Meem with shaddah
  4. Unit 4 - Qalqalah
  5. Unit 5 - Stopping at the end of words
  6. Unit 6 - Noon sakinah and Tanween rules
  7. Unit 7 - Meem sakinah rules
  8. Unit 8 - Laam Sakinah rules
  9. Unit 9 - Revision
  10. Unit 10 - Examination


To join this course, student must be able to read Quran fluently.

Student is required to attend lessons on time and cooperate with the teacher. In case of children, parents are required to motivate and monitor the attitude, alertness and the behavior of student during lesson. Student is required to submit regular feedback to the academy about the course as well as teacher.