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Spoken Arabic Level 1

Spoken Arabic Level 1

This course is for those students who wish to acquire a certain amount of proficiency in spoken Arabic in a short span of time. It will provide the learners with basic and working knowledge of the Arabic language and enable them to understand and communicate in Arabic. This program has been carefully designed for non-native speakers of all ages, targeting a wide spectrum of learners of Arabic language.


Course Info

This course is also designed to provide students with the knowledge necessary to build the language skills listening and understanding. Our primary objective is to enable the learner to express and communicate effectively with confidence and ease, according to his own linguistic competence.  High degree of emphasis will be on speaking skills and adopt a total immersion in the target language environment. It covers wide variety of the topics concerning daily life and attitudes.

The learner is expected to participate effectively in the classroom and beyond. The curricular activities would be based on the use of phrasal verbs, sentence making, and argumentative discussion on individual and collective level.

The program also includes quick review test. Moreover, an assessment at the end of the course would evaluate the learner’s skill and competence, which will make him eligible for Spoken Arabic Level 2 course inshallah

Course Overview

  1. Greetings and acquaintance
  2. Family
  3. Housing
  4. Everyday life
  5. Food and drink
  6. Prayer
  7. Studying
  8. Work
  9. Shopping
  10. Weather
  11. People and places
  12. Hobbies
  13. Traveling
  14. Hajj and Umrah
  15. Health


Student must be able to read Arabic fluently to join this course. You will need to demonstrate you have basic literacy skills in the Arabic language to enable you to follow instructions. You will be guided to the best course suited for you and at the initial induction.