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Basic Quran Reading Level 1

Basic Quran Reading Level 1

This course is the first step to Quran reading designed for beginners (elders or children) who have no prior knowledge about how to read Quran or Arabic language. In this course, students are taught Arabic Alphabets and vowels, joining of letters to make words and reading of the Arabic Script of the Quran. A successful completion of this course will enable student to read the Quran insha-Allah.


Course Info

The aim of this course is to set the foundation among students for reading Arabic (the language of the Quran) and to make them familiar with the basic rules for Quran recitation. This is a structured course with planned guidelines. The teacher will help the student to achieve desired goal in the allocated time period. The progress of the student will be monitored and the academy will ensure that student finishes the course on time insha-Allah.

Course Overview

  1. Unit 1 - Arabic Alphabets
  2. Unit 2 - Harakaat (Short Vowels)
  3. Unit 3 - Joining the letters together
  4. Unit 4 - Sukoon & Saakinah letters
  5. Unit 5 - Tanween
  6. Unit 6 - Madd Letters
  7. Unit 7 - Shaddah
  8. Unit 8 - Reading Practice
  9. Unit 9 - Examination


This is the most basic level course, therefore student is not supposed to have any knowledge of Arabic in order to join this course. However, little knowledge of Arabic alphabets will be a plus point for the student. Student is required to attend lessons on time and cooperate with the teacher.  In case of children, parents are required to motivate and monitor the attitude, alertness and the behavior of student during lesson. Student is required to submit regular feedback to the academy about the course as well as teacher.